About Ulu


  • Ulu Superfoods is a health and wellness company that focuses on superfoods, functional wellness, and improving quality of life through nature's resources.  
  • We handmake all of our products locally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, using the highest quality and exciting superfoods we can find! 
  • Our products have a simple purpose: We take everyday foods, and elevate them to another level with incredible, high quality superfoods found throughout the world.


What does Ulu Mean? 

Ulu means ‘grow’ in Hawaiian. We chose this name because to us, Hawaii represents pristine beauty, independence, longevity, and the best of what nature has to offer. Growing, evolving, perseverance is at the heart of Ulu Superfoods, in every product, in every message, always. 


What to expect from Ulu Superfoods

  • Excellent customer service 
  • High quality 
  • Unique 
  • Interesting 
  • Emphasis on superfoods 
  • Emphasis on functional wellness 
  • Love and care in each product


What not to expect from Ulu Superfoods

  • Chemical preservatives and Stabilizers 
  • Low quality ingredients 
  • Standard and ordinary  
  • Cheap feeling packaging and marketing 
  • Lack of health and wellness purpose for each product 


Featured Products